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1. At some time in the past I owned a car with registration number
EJ 611 – One day a stranger said to me ” The registration prefix
of your car means ‘Eagle Jet’and has to do with your future job”!
After 3 years I was employed by Gulf Air! The logo of this airline
is a golden falcon drawn on the tail of its aircraft! The point
is that by the time I was submitting my application, none of the
applicants knew anything as to the name of the company or the
business it was involved in, or even the nature of the duties to
be allocated and all information was revealed to me upon interview
by the personnel officer! I was very surprided !

Submitted by Harris on February 25, 2013.

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When I was 16 I build a guitar from some pine my father brought home. I engraved the bottom and sold it for 40 bucks. I grew up and never thought about it again. 40 years later when I was 56, my son bought me the exact same guitar, and apologized for the strange marking on the bottom. I immediately recognized it. I told him to return it and get his money back. Yesterday, 10 years later, A homeless man on the side of the street was playing the same guitar. I asked to look at it and there was my distinct signature. The man said that 5 years ago he bought the guitar because it ad his name on it, and he thought that was a sign.
Strange huh?

Submitted by Bob Dillebovty on January 15, 2013.

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In 1838, future horror-god Edgar Allan Poe released a book called The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, his only full novel. The book was such a bomb that Poe eventually agreed with his critics that it was “a very silly book” (yet still good enough to inspire heavyweights like Jules Verne and Herman Melville to write Moby Dick and An Antarctic Mystery—yes, Poe was a badass).
Where it Gets Weird:
Poe did a Blair Witch thing with his novel, which claimed to be based on true events. This turned out to be a half-truth: The real life events simply had not happened yet.
One scene in The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket visits a whaling ship lost at sea, taking with it all but four crewmen. Out of food, the men drew lots to see who would be eaten, the unfortunate decision landing on a young cabin boy named Richard Parker.
Forty-six years later, there was an actual disaster at sea involving the Mignonette. It became famous due to the legal consequences of some gruesome events on board, specifically the way the men drew lots and decided to eat their cabin boy…
Where it Gets Even Weirder:
...who was named Richard Parker.

Submitted by Bob Dillebovty on January 15, 2013.

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This actually happened to me. I had placed two orders for some books through a university book store, one, ordered at a later date, was Carl Jung’s “Synchronicity”. The store called me to say my book was in. I assumed it was my first order. When I picked up the book, I was surprised to see that it was the book on synchronicity. I opened the book at random and read about Carl Jung’s experience with fish throughout his day. As I was reading, I looked up and saw a truck labled fish in big letters on the its side. I kind of gasped, but the events continued. I went to my sister-in-law’s and found that she was cooking fish and on her table was a copy of Field and
Stream with a big picture of a fish on it. I also visited a friend that day who happened to be setting up an aquarium and talked about her fish. The rest of the day, fish were in symbols, pictures and discussions. I was absolutely blown away and just could not believe it had happened. I’ve never had a rash of coincidence like it since.

Submitted by J Len Davidson on January 1, 2013.

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A lot of coincidences happen to me through my life, and as it was spooky i decided to look up coincidences. I found out about a book called the titan which practically predicted the titanic disaster 12 years before it happened, its so accurate its unbelievable. While researching this coincidence it just so happened to be written by someone in portsmouth, hampshire which is were i live! Except they were in new hampshire america and i was in england.. But this is the amazing part. As i searched for more coincidences i stumbled upon the similarities between the two presidents who got shot, and every aspect of there lives were similar, i was fascinated so pulled of my headphones which were blaring out loud music to go and tell my dad about these strange coincidences. As i pulled of the headphones, the first words i heard were my dad say ‘there both dead’ Which i found amazing as i was just about to tell him about the two dead presidents! What he was actually talking about were two horses that died that day in a race. crazy though.

Submitted by Jack Harrison on December 19, 2012.

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I seem to experience these strange coincidences in clusters, usually near the end of the year, most notably in December. I started noticing them a few years ago—not sure if I had them before this time, or if I simply wasn’t paying attention. I do feel that I’ve become more, I don’t know aware, or open, since I started noticing them…more in tune as some might say.

So here are the latest ones. They happened within a day of one another.

Met a girl at the library, we were flirting pretty hard, but she eventually told me she had a boyfriend. Oops. Anyways, we had a long conversation, one of the topics was music, as I was checking out a bunch of CDs. We started talking about one of the musicians whose CD I was checking out.

Through the rest of the conversation, I got her name, she told me where she worked, and and where she went to college.

So, I uh, googled her a week later. Yeah, I know that’s not cool, oh well. But since I didn’t have her last name, I had to get creative with my search terms. I used a combination of her name, her school, and her place of employment.

And I found her. What was strange, though, was the result which appeared under hers.

It was about the musician we had discussed. WEIRD, right? Apparently the musician went to the same school as her and was from the city the girl now lived in. I found this really strange, that of all the results, they’d be right next to each other.

The next day, I was looking at some online dating site, and I saw a girl I found attractive. I noticed she lived in the area near my work. I thought, what if I see her at this store?

Later that day I saw her at that very store.

Two days, two odd coincidences.

A week later I had another one, equally weird.

Submitted by What on December 11, 2012.

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I am a doctor and I see lots of patients daily, recently for no reason whatsoever I thought about this patient of mine which I had not seen for two or three years. Just into my thoughts then dismissed, not important did not know why. In two days there she is in my office with an emergency visit not scheduled. I never think about patients which was weird enough, but then she appears without an appointment There is no explantion. Freaked me out. tenth insight stuff.. go fiqure.
dr. c

Submitted by JC on November 29, 2012.

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a boat sank in wales, and there was only one survivor.About 200years later, another ship sank in eaxactly the same place and there we survivor. About 200 years after that another ship sank in exactly the same place, again there was only one survivor. The weired thing was that they were all called to same name-Jack Chance!

Submitted by Dani on November 26, 2012.

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I lit a string from the hem of my jeans with a lighter (to get rid of it). My pants leg caught fire for a split second (cotton/oil…I think). My friend kind of freaked out…not because of the micro fire…but because I “caught fire”...while she was listening to a CD titled “Catchinhg Fire” (which I had never heard of before) from The Hunger Games… book on disc.
Another example…I started singing the theme song from the show Family Matters (silently to my self). I have no idea why the song even came to mind (no commercials for it anywhere and I haven’t watched the show in years),but I couldn’tget it out of my head. Later that evening, my roommate, who I hadn’t talked to in days, started singing the song out loud. When I asked him why he was singing it, he told me that he had no idea why. He said the song just came to mind for some unknown reason…I found out that it “came to his mind” right around the time it “came to my mind”.
There have been a lot of “coincidences” like these lately…around 15 in about 4 months. I have had this happen to me about 4 times in my life. When I was a very young child (4 or 5), then when I was around 11 or 12, next was when I turned 16, and then again when I was around 30.
It seems that these events always happen when I am going through major life events and changes and when I am under a great deal of emotional, mental, and physical stress/pain. I had a very “rough” childhood and a very tough life in general. Not a pity ploy, just a fact of my life…I am actually lucky because my mind blocked a lot of my childhood out, but I do remember when these “coincidences” took place.
Anyway, I am now going to start delving into this more. These things have happened too many times to be a“fluke”. Especially the recent string of “coincidences” .

Submitted by Becky C on November 16, 2012.

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I have an odd, small coincidence. About ten years ago, I was a server at a restaurant. A fellow server and I were taking a smoke break, both smoking our own cigarette. We began discussing maynard James keenan of tool, when we both simultaneously flipped our ashes, the cherries on Both our cigarettes fell off, simultaneously. We were both astonished.

Submitted by mike on November 13, 2012.

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