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#Sometimes I go to the library to rent movies, but when I
return home, I look in the TV guide and find that the same exact movies I have
rented are either on TV the same night or they will be aired on a future date.

During the day when I am not even thinking of anything relating to
coincidental happenings, I recall things from dreams that acutally occur during
the day. For instance, a complete stranger walked up to me the other day and
asked me if he could borrow my cell phone, and I suddenly realized that I had
somehow predicted this in a dream!

Sometimes coincidences happen so often to me that I feel as if I am going

Submitted by Art on November 23, 2002.

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I know my mother as well as most people know theirs. But my
mother has a strange “coincidential” family. I know my mother is a joker but I
know when she is telling the truth. She tells me strange things that have
happened in her family. She even has things that still happen. She has psycic
predictions every week. Once she told me a story about her aunt. She said this:

Once my aunt had visited us. She enjoyed telling us stories. Once she
suddenly started to talk about a movie she had recently enjoyed. She had told us
all about the movie when we deciced to watch T.V.. We began to watch a show when
the T.V. went black then came back on but instead of the regular programming,
the opening credits to the exact movie my aunt had told us about. We checked to
see the T.V. guide and the movie was not schedualed to play so my aunt couldn’t
have known before hand so we called the T.V. station. They said they had
problems and had to replace it with something else and they just happen to grab
the exact movie that our aunt was talking about.

That’s sort of what my mother said I can’t remember the name of the movie though.

Submitted by Daniel H. on November 23, 2002.

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About 10 years ago, I was working on a slow day in a retail
clothing store. The only people in the store were myself, my manager, and two
customers. When one customer came up to make her purchase she wrote a check. My
manager looked at her name and said, “My name is Linda Bulluck too.” It wasn’t
really strange though until the other customer spoke up and said that she was
also Linda Bullock. So, out of 4 people in the store, 3 had the same first and
last name. As a Kathy, I felt like I should leave.

Submitted by Kathy on November 14, 2002.

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After reading your coincidences here from Carsons mom 21st
WROTE it. I did not sing it normally and watching the News that night I was
shocked to hear of George Harrison’s death.

Submitted by Pauline on November 11, 2002.

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It was Easter Sunday in the Spring of 1983 and I was just starting high school.
Melissa Manchester’s song “Nice Girls” was still playing on the radio, and I
used it to play a kind of a game. Everytime I thought of it, the song would come
on the air! This happened throughout the day, many times, believe me. And there
was not one time I was inaccurate when I predicted it would come on! Personally,
I consider myself to be a skeptic. And yet things like this never cease to amaze
me nonrtheless.

Submitted by James B. on October 30, 2002.

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When I was a young child, it almost seemed I could do magic at times. I had a
wonderful mother who told me with positive thinking anything is possible. So I
attributed this unusual phenomenon to the power of positive thinking. When my
family vacationed in Canada once and I was playing a game of “Obsession” with my
cousin I noticed it. The key of the game is the luck of the roll of dice. And
somehow I found a mental “positive-thinking” formula that made the dice come
up whatever I wanted it to—no fooling. Another strange thing from my childhood
was something I wasn’t even aware of until I got older. Whenever I kept a coin
with, say, the heads facing up and flipped it, it would come up heads—EVERY
TIME! I just assumed that was the way it was supposed to work anyways. But can
you imagine how many times I must’ve flipped a coin as a child and noticed this?
I never was led to believe I was wrong to assume this after all. Finally a boy
named “Danny” who lived across the street from me made me a wager. I could have
his 50 cent piece if I would lose a coin toss. The only catch was he could flip
it as many times as he wanted. So… I simply made sure my side was facing
up—and it came up my side EVERY TIME HE FLIPPED IT! He was understandably
flustered, until I “explained” to him my strategy. He then explained to me my
assumptions were wrong, and the phenomenon ceased after that. Kind of weird,
don’t you think? I think childhood seems to be a magical time for most people
though. Children have all manner of magical incantations and rituals that give
them control of an uncertain world. So maybe it is just as well. Now that I am
an adult, I often fail to see the magic in the world.

Submitted by James B. on October 30, 2002.

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I have shared these coincidences with many in the past. So
although I don’t recall sharing it with this website, there is a small
possibility I may have. Please accept my apologies if this is the case. Please

THE ADAMS/BUSH COINCIDENCES. These were the only presidents to
follow one another as father-and-son pres.‘s. Both couples were
differentiated by a middle name or initial. Both father-pres.‘s were VP’s of
charismatic conservatives that came before them, and were followed by
charismatic leaders of the opposing party(both w/a “Jefferson” in their
names)—ea. fath. serving just
one term. Both fath.‘s started into a new decade and had a son start
into a whole new century. Adams’ “A” is before Bush’ “B”. George Bush, Sr. and
John Adams, Sr. were both born in Norfolk County, Massachusetts. Both sons had a
VP whose last name began with a “C” and a wife whose first…“L”. Fate must not
like sons to follow their fathers as pres., because neither son had a majority
of the country’s
support—John Q. Adams was elected by our Congress!

MOUNT RUSHMORE. When you take the full names of our 4 ex-presidents
and count each letter, you get…14, 15, 16, and 17. This almost
seems to “build” on the number 13—the number of our original
colonies. Neat! (Also, Gutzon Borglum [its sculptor] & “Mount
Rushmore” ea. have 13 letters in them.)

Submitted by James B. on October 29, 2002.

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Many strange coincidences have happened to me throughout my
life (I am 18 as of now). For example, I will not have seen a TV show for,
say, 6 years and a week or two after mentioning it in passing, it will be re-run
on TV. But it doesnt stop there. I used to hum a song in the shower, only
for it to come on straight after the one was on had finshed, then whilst that
was on i’d hum another, only for that to be played straight after too. This
would happen often. Perhaps the strangest thing about these strangest
coincidences is that they happen in ‘waves’ they happen a lot, Maybe 5–6 times a
week for 6 months or so, Then stop for a year or two, then start up again… and
it’s getting really strange. Most recently, I was talkng about an old kids TV
show I used to watch (which no one had heard about for years) and suddenly, the
quiz show i was watching asked a question about it. That really freaked me
out. If anyone has had very similar experiences to this please mail me!

Submitted by Alex Clough on October 18, 2002.

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This story is strange and horrific. It involves my dad and a man who is thankfully serving life.

My dad (Richard Jones) woke up on the 21st of April 2001 with a terrible stomach bug. He decided not to go to work (He’s Sergeant at the local police station). He stayed in bed whilst I watched TV. Then he came down the stairs in tears complaining of a sudden stabbing pain in his chest (and its not often my dad cries). He stayed downstairs with me when the news came on. It said a man had been stabbed whilst on the street. We thought nothing of it until the next day’s newspaper came. It gave details of the murder of Richard Jones, a retired police officer from Nevada was stabbed by a man who escaped police custody. It turned out that the other R.Jones had arrested a man called Haseed Arah who escaped and killed him. My dad had arrested a man called Arrah Haseed about 2 weeks previous. When he rung the station to ask of his whereabouts they said he had escaped in transit and was on the loose. Luckily he was caught and jailed.

Submitted by Gerrard Wetherall on October 12, 2002.

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I can’t stop seeing the number one where ever I go. I am never
looking for it. Well, I would look at the clock and see 11.11 or 1.11, there would be no reason for me to look at a car building street number but just happen to look over like you do and see 11 or 1 or 111 and so on. I am not superstitious, I believe in God, now is this a message from somebody? Is someone trying to contact me or what is it? I’m not scared just intrigued. One time I was in a service station that I normally visit. Somebody came in and asked, “Could I have 11 on 11”, that is 11 bucks on pump 11. The same week it happened again. Now I’m tripping, do you have any ideas?

Submitted by Debra on October 4, 2002.

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